In all honesty, most people do not create applications just for the thrill of it. It is especially the case with a windfall one can gain from an excellent app. In light of these exciting possibilities, mobile application development is nowadays a highly popular industry that attracts investors all over the world. Nonetheless, it is essential to note that only captivating and well-performing apps can result in financial gain. The rest of the products may not even profit.

A considerable fraction of application developers earns peanuts. On the other hand, many app programmers live their best lives, with some succeeding with their income-generating products available on different app stores. Things are way better for a few mobile app creators who go on to lead billion-dollar app firms. The main question is, what distinguishes application developers that receive financial gain from those that do not?

There are two key points when talking about the rise and failure of an application. The first one is that the majority of app creators ignore their past mistakes repeatedly, thus, ending up with similarly failed results.

The second one is that the developers who have made successful applications often mix up the concepts of correlation and causation. But even with that said, the bottom line is that there is no strict rule on profiting on app stores, meaning that developers have to safeguard themselves from entrapment.


Do you have a ready-made application, and do you want to monetize it? Do not know how to promote a brand-new project, a brainchild of yours? Read what first steps to take to effectively promote your mobile application.


In this post, you will find useful tips and expert recommendations for creating revenue-producing mobile apps. You will learn about the revenue an application can earn, the expenditure of building a mobile application, and the ways to ensure the profitability of your product.

Over the last few years, there has been considerable growth in the global mobile device market. Apart from that, some notable innovations in mobile techs in recent times bring a growing number of users into the mobile app world. What is more, market dynamics keep shifting upwards by the day.

If you are not entirely familiar with the mobile app building sector but got an excellent idea for your application, you must have tons of burning questions. For instance, what money do applications make? What can the income of an app programmer be? What is the possible advertising revenue from a popular app?

Below, you can find detailed information on how much app programmers stand to earn from developing games. To put things into context, we examined the five most popular mobile games of the past years (Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, Clash of Clans, Mobile Strike, and Pokemon Go.) Moreover, here you can find out about the amount of money that a typical application brings, as well as the overall cost of creating a gaming app.


mobile apps market revenue 2019

Source: Statista

Gaming apps are known for their potential to yield high earnings. According to Statista, the worldwide Apple App Store and Google Play gross mobile games revenues were $14.2 billion and $7.7 billion, respectively, as of Q3 of 2019.

That said, as a developer, you may want to create a mobile game for reasons other than getting a high income. Nonetheless, earning a profit from your product is sure to give you an unmatched feeling.

So, if you are after making money from your application, you need to understand that a wrong sales approach may not be the only reason behind your failure. The thing is, many programmers don’t even integrate working money-making strategies into their products.

worldwide mobile games downloads 2019

Source: Sensor Tower

As of 2018, gaming applications made up about 75% of the revenues drawn from consumer apps. So, how can you make your games stand out while earning from them? Consider the following advice:

  • Make your games easy to understand within two minutes or less, as the user should quickly figure out how to play.
  • The game you create should suit the level of your target users.
  • Adopt game advertising.
  • Allow purchases within the game.


Let’s take a look at five of the most popular games today. Here are two reasons behind their success:

  • They can be played with one finger.
  • They have vibrant themes and cartoon heroes.
That said, let us examine each game in detail. 


angry birds revenue

What were the earnings of Angry Birds? Notably, no other games in its range match or are even near the revenue generated by Angry Birds. The same goes for the downloads that the mobile game collection has reached so far. Users spend over three hours daily on the app. At its peak in 2017, Angry Birds was the best-seller overall and toped on iTunes in over fifty-five countries.

Since its launch, the franchise has earned over €50M. The game would cost around €100,000 to create, but the company invested even more in the collection. In the post titled The Origins of Angry Birds that appeared on PC World, Rovio said that making Angry Birds took eight to nine months.

The maker, Rovio, told about 20M downloads on iPod Touch and iPhone, all of which are paid. On Android, downloads stand at more than 20M. As of 2012, Rovio had made a whopping $200M of earnings. Since that time, the company made a neat profit of $71M. The same year, revenue collected from Angry Birds soared by more than 100% as compared to the previous year with $96M.


flappy bird revenue

How much revenue did Flappy Bird makers earn? Flappy Bird was made by Dong Nguyen, a Vietnamese creator and game developer. After working on the app just for several days, he launched it in May of 2013. But the game became really popular only next year and then, registered over 50M downloads. At its peak, Flappy Bird was cashing in $50,000 each day.

A rather simple game such as this one, when monetized through ads, usually can make anything from $0.01 to $0.02 for every download made on Google Play Store. The figure can be a bit higher on the Apple Store. These numbers are proved by several independent reports from programmers all over the globe.

Since people were talking about this game, the majority of users became even more interested in playing Flappy Bird. As a result, the average session became longer. Thus, users viewed more ads while on the app.

At this point, the app owner was most likely earning $0.04 for each download. When you multiply that number with the 50M downloads the game got, you could say that Flappy Bird brought about 2M to its creator.


clash of clans revenue It is a premium mobile app launched by Supercell and another highly popular game. Reuters shared that this game got $2.3BN earnings in 2015, with a 30 percent growth compared the previous year. According to the company, much of the proceeds were from purchases made within the application. 

Clash of Clans is free to download and play. However, users can buy various items within the game to improve their experience, and in turn, that gives the app owners revenue. As of 2016, this game had 25M active players, and this number translates to about 1/2800 playing it globally. As of that time, it was the most hyped gaming app in history.


mobile strike revenue

The enterprise that owns and runs Mobile Strike earns about $3.8M each day. From the time it was published in 2013, the gaming app has garnered over 30M downloads. The app is one of the global mobile-based advertisers.

It was one of the first mobile games that did television advertising. Moreover, it was promoted by the A-lister, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The game is about building forces, completing feats, and defeating the enemies. This application even created its unique in-app money that users can earn every time they complete a particular challenge or by paying for things within the app with real money.


Pokemon go revenue

Officially, Pokemon Go is the quickest game to reach $500M in revenue. When it was launched, the game took the first position as the most downloaded application in a week. It was also the quickest to record 50M installations on the Google Play Store.

Then, in about sixty days, this gaming app has already been downloaded more than 500M times globally, achieving yet another feat. As per App Annie, the game was expected to break the $350M revenue figure in August 2017, just over a month from its release. The game has attracted 20M new gamers from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and other countries.

top games revenue 2019

Source: Sensor Tower


The opportunities available in the mobile app industry are endless nowadays. The market has seen a steady growth from the very beginning, and this trend will continue.

Today, more than a quarter of app developers pocket several thousand bucks monthly on application stores. Eighteen percent of Android developers are not doing bad either. Mobile games are especially income-producing, so that’s a good chance for all app creators.

Since the majority of gaming applications are created in free time, and they are not too costly to make. But you will need ample practice and motivation to become a skilled game programmer. Also, you will need time to understand how the industry works, as well as how to monetize your app. However, it is easier than you think with dedication and gaining experience.


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