Smart home is one of the main technological trends of 2017. Part 2

    October 13, 2017

    “Smart home” saves one of the most important resources – time! The systems relieve users of everyday routine management and control of equipment and equipment, make the house comfortable. Therefore, “Smart House” is a completely different level of life, a different level of interaction with residential space. “Smart House” systems are chosen by people who […]

    Traditional Waterfall Method

      October 11, 2017

      The waterfall model was first defined by Winston W. Royce in 1970 and has been widely used for software projects ever since. It quickly gained support from managers because everything flows logically from the beginning of a project through the end. Often considered the classic approach to the systems development life cycle, the waterfall model […]

      Smart home is one of the main technological trends of 2017. Part 1

        October 6, 2017

        GfK Company in its annual research “Technotrends 2017” named the main technologies that will affect the life of consumers and their behavior in the coming year. This year, experts identified 5 main technology trends: mobile payments,  unmanned vehicles, portable devices, smart home and virtual reality. In this article, let’s pay attention to the trend “for […]

        How to make money on mobile apps

          October 4, 2017

          To date, the main sources for downloading applications for mobile devices on iOS and Android are the App Store and Google Play, respectively. From the point of user’s view, the principle of using these stores is quite understandable – the user finds the category of interest, selects the application he likes, downloads it for free, […]

          Personal electric transport – the future of mega-cities

            September 29, 2017

            “Rider moves standing on a small device, so he seems to soar in the air or move along the horizontal escalator. Smooth running without jerks impresses others. It’s all about the flawless tuning of the gyro and electric motor system. A smartest mini robot is hidden under the hull of the device, that reads all […]

            Scrum Methodology: Artifacts and Rituals. Part 2

              September 27, 2017

              In previous article we’ve learned about members and process in Scrum. Now let’s talk about artifacts which compose Scrum and what rituals are necessary to follow during the work on a project.

              New formats from Apple: evolution or revolution?

                September 22, 2017

                At WWDC 2017, at which the presentation of innovations from Apple took place, absolutely new formats of photo (High Efficiency Image Format) and video (High Efficiency Video Coding) compression presented within the framework of iOS 11 were completely undeservedly ignored. According to Apple’s description, with identical quality of photos and videos of new formats will […]

                Scrum Methodology: members and process. Part 1

                  September 20, 2017

                  Each project is a unique event that can not be adjusted to a specific standard or model. However, project management processes are amenable to standardization and the documents that formalize these processes are called project management methodologies. Scrum is one of such methods. This is a framework, created in 1986, which is considered the most […]

                  Future of the iPhone

                    September 15, 2017

                    On September 12, 2017, several products from Apple were presented. Of course, the most discussed of them is the iPhone X. One of the most popular phones in the world has undergone both external changes and improvements in “stuffing.” And, despite the fact that some developments have already been applied in smartphones from other manufacturers, […]

                    Project management in IT: basic principles

                      September 13, 2017

                      Project management is an activity aimed at achieving the set goals, realizing certain ambitions, using available resources – time, people, capital. The project management is based on planning for short-term or for a longer period. Whether it is the development of new software, the holding of an advertising company or the development of a new […]

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