Cybersecurity: Recommendations for Protecting Personal Data

Cybersecurity: Recommendations for Protecting Personal Data

    October 27, 2023

    The security of personal data online remains a crucial concern as information technology advances. Data breaches increase each year, making cybersecurity a top priority for both individual users and businesses.

    Artificial Intelligence in business

    Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Business: Opportunities and Challenges

      October 20, 2023

      Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of our lives. Its capabilities in transforming businesses, improving workflows and systems, as well as enhancing decision-making processes, have been recognized by global companies. So, what opportunities does Artificial Intelligence offer?

      IT slang, terms, expressions. Glossary

      IT Terms Glossary. What terms do you need to know to understand colleagues on a project? PART 2

        October 13, 2023

        In the world of information technology, with its unique language and terminology, understanding keywords and phrases is not just a convenience, but often an essential part of the path to a bug-free release. These words become a bridge between team members on the project, helping to ensure clear understanding and collaboration.

        AI, blockchain, the difference between AR and VR

        The Future of Mobile and Web Development: Trends and Innovations

          September 29, 2023

          Digital technologies are increasingly being used to enhance mobile and web applications. Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, the creation of the metaverse – everything is moving towards the seamless integration of the virtual and real worlds. What does the future hold for web development?

          Web Development Trends

          Web Development in Light of 2023 Trends: Modern Technologies and Tools

            September 20, 2023

            The rapid advancement of modern technologies and their integration into nearly every aspect of human activity has not bypassed web development in 2023. Clear trends and tendencies have emerged, enabling the application of innovative solutions by combining various approaches and improving the quality of finished web projects.

            Small vs Big companies_ pros and cons

            Small vs Big companies: pros and cons

              September 14, 2023

              Software Development is one of the most important and rapidly evolving fields in the modern world. Regardless of size, companies in this industry play a crucial role in building digital infrastructure and driving innovation. In this article, we will explore how a company’s size affects development processes and why the choice between small and large companies is so significant for professionals seeking employment and businesses looking for contractors.

              Profession_ Backend Developer

              Profession: Backend Developer

                July 6, 2023

                Are you considering entering the IT field or looking to switch careers as a developer? Becoming a Backend Developer is a great choice. Find out who they are, what they do, and how to become one in our article.

                Alternative Career Paths for Software Developers

                Alternative Career Paths for Software Developers

                  July 4, 2023

                  Just like in any other field, it’s possible to hit a dead end or, in simpler terms, “get stuck” in IT. Everyone has their own pace of development, and during long years of working with code, the question often arises: “How and where can an IT specialist grow?” Let’s consider possible options for career growth and development in IT: how to choose and evolve without staying in one place.

                  Dedicated Development Team

                  Dedicated Development Team for Mobile and Web Solutions

                    May 19, 2023

                    In an ever-changing world of technology, companies from various industries are increasingly turning to mobile and web solutions to meet growing digital needs. To effectively operate in this dynamic environment, New Line Technologies recommends seeking the support of a dedicated team of developers.

                    How Fintech is changing the banking industry

                    How Fintech is changing the banking sector

                      May 10, 2023

                      The financial industry is experiencing rapid development due to implementation of innovative technologies. Their goal is to automate and improve the quality of financial services. FinTech helps companies transform and offer in-demand services to customers.

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